Official Website of Holly Bodger

Official Website of Holly Bodger -


Holly is the author of 5 TO 1, coming from Knopf in Spring 2015. When she’s not writing, Holly spends her time doing the following:

1. Attempting to stop her two children from killing a) each other, b) the cat, or c) their mother

2. Working in publishing as a geek

3. Watching Downton Abbey

4. Sleeping

5. Eating Cheese

When she has spare time, Holly likes to talk about herself in the third person. It scares the people in the washroom, but she doesn’t mind because, sometimes, the people in the washroom scare Holly too. Oh, and Holly says “washroom” instead of “restroom” because Holly is Ca-NAY-dee-AN which means she 1) hates cold and 2) knows a lot of people named Dave.

You can email Holly at holly [AT] You can also follow her on Twitter (@hollybodger), on Facebook (/hollybodger), on Goodreads (/hollybodger), on Tumblr (hollybodger.) or if you really want to know the moment she updates her blog, click here to sign up for alerts.