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Consolation Prize Contest Extravaganza!

Didn’t make the cut for Authoress Anon’s Baker’s Dozen? Considering drowning your sorrows in a real Baker’s Dozen?  Well, have no fear because the great Consolation Prize Contest Extravaganza is here! [cue confetti machine]

What is this Consolation Prize Contest Extravaganza? I’m glad you asked. It’s a contest for everyone who did not make the cut in the Baker’s Dozen contest. Maybe that means your fingers were too slow to make the consideration list. Maybe it means you made the consideration list but weren’t picked out of the slush pile. Maybe it means you went for a nap on October 20th and just woke up now. DOESN’T MATTER! If you are NOT in the Baker’s Dozen contest, YOU CAN ENTER!!!

What do you need to do to enter? Just leave a comment with your name and some way for me to contact you (email address, Twitter handle, Wicken Baptismal Name). On December 1st, I will randomly select one entry and that person will win! [cue more confetti]

Wait? What’s that? You want to know the prize? Sadly, I cannot give you the audience of 13 agents. What I can give you is this: a full critique of the first three chapters of your manuscript. [cue more confetti...what do you mean it ran out? That's the last time I'm buying something off eBay!]

The Small Print

This is a real critique and some people have been known to call me harsh. But enough about my mother. Please don’t enter if you don’t want a critique from me. This is the only prize. There are no hidden prizes behind door #2. This is all I have. Okay, I have a rather large and terribly evil cat that I will gladly send you instead. Really. You can have him. You don’t even have to enter. Please? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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